• Tri-color Chihuahua mix (black/white/tan)
  • Light tan Pit mix with white chest, stripe down center of face, and on tips of paws
  • Grey Pitbull with white markings
  • Tan with some white Shepherd mix
  • White Shepherd/Husky mix
  • black standard Poodle mix
  • Black Lab/Hound mix
  • Grey striped cat
  • Blue Heeler - black, white and tan with ticking
  • Senior Lab/Boxer - black, white, grey
  • White with ticking, brown and black Pointer mix
  • Grey and black striped kitten
  • Grey and black striped kitten
  • Black and white kitten
  • Black and white kitten
  • grey with white markings Pit mix
  • black cat with yellow/green eyes
  • Muted tortoiseshell calico - cream, light grey, light orange, brown
  • grey and black striped cat
  • Male Collie mix - black with white markings and some ticking
  • white with tan/cream Pyrenees mix
  • Black Pit mix

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