• 13th Annual Veterans Tribute Dinner
  • Travis and Kari Rochford with Linda and Ruben Martinez
  • Todd Meyers and family
  • Tina and Tim Leadley
  • Ron Kaiser with Bill and Kim Vennell
  • Ron and Carolyn Knight
  • Rodger and Deborah Keyes
  • Robert and Patti Ramsden
  • Pamela and Ron R. Sutton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flores
  • Joseph Bigger and Michael Hughes
  • Joie and John Callaway
  • Janice and Rex Carey
  • Janet Beesley, Ron and Carolyn Knight
  • Janet Beesley and Rodger Keyes
  • James and Melissa McGregor
  • Isabel and Ken Hudson
  • Gina and Dennis McKenzie
  • Gary Hill
  • Faith and Booker Sanders
  • Edward Burke, J.D. Estrada, Kathy Burke, and Louise Gossett
  • Dixie and John Cousineau Sr. with Johanna and John Cousineau Jr.
  • Delia and Maurice Finsterwald
  • Brandon Raintree with Mary, Avon, and Amari
  • Bill Curry offers Remebrance of POWs and MIAs
  • Abbie Gholsten and John Chandler

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