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DRC Meeting Request Form

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  3. Prior to a formal submittal for new developments, the City of Midlothian strongly encourages potential builders & developers to meet virtually with the City's Development Review Committee (DRC) to review the project to make sure it complies with City regulations. This process is designed to minimize potential future setbacks and ensure the best possible project for Midlothian. The Development Review Team meets virtually (via WebEx) every Thursday.  Once this form is received, an email to schedule and confirm a virtual DRC meeting date and time will be sent.

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  5. Is property platted?
  6. Are water & sewer currently available?
  7. Is property located in a floodplain?
  8. Is property Industrial/Commercial?
  9. Current Zoning:
  10. Residential:
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  12. Special District;
  13. Does the proposed use of property meet the current zoning district use table?
  14. The comments provided by city staff at DRC meetings are informational only and DO NOT confer approval of any plan or project. Additional comments related to your project will be provided upon review of a formal development application. A meeting with the DRC is not intended as a substitute for reading and applying the appropriate City development codes and ordinances to your project.

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