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  1. Board and Commission Application
  2. Library Card Request Form

    Online form for requesting a library card from A. H. Meadows Public Library

  1. Citizen Participation Form
  2. Request For Public Information

Animal Control

  1. Lost or Found Pet

    Report a lost or found pet to Animal Control.


  1. Stormwater Pollution Reporting/Concern Form

    Stormwater flowing over rooftops, streets, driveways, and yards picks up pollutants along the way and deposits them into our storm... More…


  1. Address Request Form

    Address Request Form

Municipal Court

  1. Request for 30 Day Pay Extension
  2. Request for Time Served

    Request for Time Served

  1. Request for Deferred Disposition (Probation)

    Request for Deferred Disposition (Probation)

Parks and Recreation

  1. Clinic & Tournament Request Form

    Request city approval to host a clinic or tournament at a city owned park facility.

  2. Keep Midlothian Beautiful Business Award Nomination Form

    From May to October, members of the Keep Midlothian Beautiful Committee will select up to four businesses within city limits to receive... More…

  1. Financial Transparency Form

    This form is used by sports associations and organizations to submit financial information for the annual presentation to the Park... More…

  2. Practice and Game Schedule Form

    Form to indicate practice and game schedules with an approved Facility Use Agreement.


  1. Guardian Program Application

    Application to participate in the Guardian Program.