7. Where do I place my recyclables?

Recyclables are to be collected in clear recycle plastic bags and placed within a receptacle that can be obtained from Waste Connections. Any additional clear bags of recyclables may be placed alongside the receptacle. Recyclables are collected every Wednesday and are to be placed curbside by 7:00 A.M.

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1. 1. Is solid waste service mandatory for both residential and commercial businesses within the City?
2. 2. If I am a contractor and I am remodeling or constructing a home in the City, may I contract with a third party to provide a roll off container for construction waste disposal?
3. 3. If I own a commercial business in the City, may I contract with a different solid waste provider?
4. 4. At what time am I required to have my trash placed at the collection site?
5. 5. Am I limited to the size of the bundle brush I place at the curb with my residential trash pick-up?
6. 6. What if I have additional brush that exceeds the size requirements stated above.
7. 7. Where do I place my recyclables?