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The original item was published from 1/4/2011 10:13:51 AM to 1/12/2011 11:28:19 AM.

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Posted on: January 4, 2011


2010 ROCKY_thumb.jpg

This is Rocky's (AKA Zeus) story told by Pam Phipps:

I adopted Zues or Rocky now, in Aug. 2010. After a vet check we found out he was 14, heart worm positive, and had severe skin problems. Despite the challenges we decided to keep him. In Nov. Rocky lost both eyes to glaucoma. He is doing very well!! He's learned his yard and seems very happy!!

We also have a female Golden Retriever. In Oct. she went into heat. During this time we tried to keep them apart but our female LOVES her Rocky.

Anyways....when Rocky went in for eye surgery we planned to have him neutered. The vet said one of his testicles was in his belly and surgery would intail opening him up in the abdomen and we didn't think at his age he could survive the surgery. The vet said there may be a posiibility he CANNOT reproduce. Well....I am proud to announce Rocky became a father of 10 on Dec. 28th. 4 girls and 6 boys!! All babies are healthy, FAT, and beautiful!!

I wanted to share my story of adoption with you because our Rocky was on his last leg of adoption when we found him. He had been at the pound for over 30 days and I believe his days were numbered. Despite his health issues. he has been such a blessing to my family! He has gained at least 15 pounds, his skin has cleared up and his hair has grown back. Now we have 10 babies of his as well!! He is a happy boy and has turned out to be a good watch dog (his hearing has improved, so he can hear ANYTHING!!). Hopefully he will have many years with our family!!

For anyone interested in adopting a pet, please consider the pound or shelter before purchasing a pet. Regardless of age or even the health of a pet, with love and care any pet can turn into a thoroughbred. Just look at my Rocky!!

Our thanks to the Phipps family for sharing their story and for giving Rocky a new life.

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