Texas Arbor Day

November 5, 20222022 Texas Arbor Day Logo

5 to 7 p.m.

Midlothian Community Park (near the splash pad)

3601 S. 14th Street

Free tree giveaway & leaf critter craft

This event is made possible through a grant by the Midlothian Community Development Corporation.

The City of Midlothian Parks and Recreation Department is celebrating Texas Arbor Day with a free tree giveaway on Saturday, November 5, at Community Park near the splash pad, 3601 S. 14th Street, from 5 to 7 p.m., or while supplies last.  One hundred fifty trees will be gifted on a first-come, first-served basis, along with instructions for planting and care.

Leaf Critters Craft Fun

In addition to the tree giveaway, members of the Indian Trail Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists will be on hand with a craft project using tree leaves to make leaf critters.

Tree Types

Trees to be given away while supplies last will include:

  • Burr Oak 
  • Chinquapin 
  • Oak Cedar 
  • Elm Chaste 
  • Tree Vitex

History of Arbor Day

J. Sterling Morton, president Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of Agriculture, established the first Arbor Day in the United States more than 140 years ago. Now it is observed throughout the nation on the last Friday in April.  However, because late fall and winter are the best times to plant trees in Texas, the Lone Star State celebrates the holiday on the first Friday in November.

While most holidays celebrate something that has already happened and is worth remembering, Arbor Day represents a hope for the future. The simple act of planting a tree represents a belief that the tree will grow to provide us with clean air and water, cooling shade, habitat for wildlife, healthier communities, and endless natural beauty — all for a better tomorrow.