Crisis Intervention Unit

The purpose of the Midlothian Police Department Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) is to positively respond to, and successfully interact with, those exhibiting mental health, intellectual deficiencies, or dementia issues. The CIU is further designed to proactively assist the client in maintaining a healthy mental state and responding with the greatest assistance possible.  

Our primary goal is to better assist citizens with disabilities through an information sharing program that provides immediate access to critical information our first responders need when they encounter those in crisis. Often, those in crisis are not able to effectively communicate and assist the responding officer. The person may not be able to identify themselves, may appear lost/disoriented, or might act in a manner that could be misinterpreted by first responders.

Disabilities addressed include Alzheimer's disease or other forms of  dementia, autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities,  and other mental health-related issues that may cause a person to have diminished mental function. 

Get Involved with CIU

There are two ways that citizens become involved with the CIU. 

1.  Through the normal course of MPD functions and direct referrals. 

  • MPD officers are constantly responding to calls and dealing with situations to assist our residents and visitors. Through these interactions our officers, telecommunicators, and other department staff learn of the individual or family needs and make a referral to the CIU. 
  • The CIU begins an assessment of the client's needs and develops a “Response Plan” that is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs.  

2.  Through the Guardian Program.

Guardian Program

How does the Guardian Program work?

This program is 100% VOLUNTARY. Citizens are requested to provide identifying characteristics information, a current digital picture of themselves or loved one, emergency contacts, and supporting medical documentation. All information is housed in an in-house confidential database.

Who is eligible to participate in the Guardian Program? 

This program is designed for members in our community who might have difficulty expressing needs or may require assistance from first responders.  Eligible persons include: 

  • participants or guardians who are a resident of Midlothian 
  • participants who attend school within the Midlothian Police Department jurisdiction
  • participants or guardians who work in Midlothian.

How to Apply /Enroll

To begin the enrollment process, please complete the Guardian Program Application 

Complete and submit a Guardian Program application online

Along with the application, the following are required:

Once the application has been submitted, a meeting will be scheduled with the MPD Crisis Intervention Unit Officer to complete the registration process. We strongly encourage current photographs of enrolled persons and supporting medical documentation be submitted with the application.

Updating information in the Guardian Program

Partnership is important to us. We ask that you update information annually and as changes occur. It is strongly encouraged to keep first responders informed by making sure the most recent information is on file. Help us help you by updating photographs of enrolled persons every six months, make changes to addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, or any other important information immediately.