Report or Request

Accident Reports

Request an accident report from the Midlothian Police Department.

Building Inspection

Schedule an inspection.

Code Violation

Report a code violation (overgrown grass/weeds, fence in disrepair, etc.)

LED Sign Event

Request to have your non-profit event advertised on the LED signs.

Lost/Found Pet

Report a lost or found pet to Animal Services.


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Off-Duty Police Officer

How to hire a Midlothian off-duty police officer to provide security at a private event.

Open Records

Submit a request for open records to the City Secretary.

On-site Sewage Facility Issue

Please contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to report any on-site sewage (septic) issues.  The local agent for our area is located in Fort Worth and may be contacted at (817) 588-5847.

Street or Utility Issue

Report a street or utility issue (pothole, streetlight outage, drainage, traffic signal) to our Public Works Department using our online portal MyGov.