LED Signs

The City Secretary’s office is responsible for programming the LED signs located in Heritage Park (8th Street & Avenue E), Hawkins Spring Park (FM 1387 @ Midlothian Parkway), Downtown (Main Street @ 9th Street) and at Fire Station No. 1 (1900 W. Main Street).  The signs are used to advertise City, Chamber of Commerce, Midlothian ISD, and other non-profit organization events.  If you are interested in free advertising of your group’s event, please contact the Deputy City Secretary.

Please make sure that your post is in a jpg format and sized to 3600 X 7200.  For optimal viewing, the wording should be as large as possible and limited to the pertinent details (date, time, location, etc.).  If you are unable to create your own post, please send the logo or any graphics in as large a size as possible.

Events will also be added to the Main City Calendar.

The signs may not be used to advertise activities of for-profit businesses unless they are holding/sponsoring an event to benefit a non-profit organization.