Animal Services


Animal Services LogoThe Animal Services Department provides response for complaints concerning domestic animals, reptiles and livestock. The Animal Control Officer is responsible for impounding animals that are stray, quarantining animals which have bitten humans, and disposing of dead animals. We only accept stray loose animals found inside Midlothian city limits. If you find an animal outside of the city, please contact the shelter for that area. This is the same for pet surrenders which are accepted by appointment only with limited availability.


If you see a loose dog, injured animal or hear barking dogs, please contact the non-emergency number at 972-775-3333 so that Animal Control or an officer can respond. If you have a situation with a dangerous or aggressive dog, please call 911.

For general information regarding a lost or found animal, a surrender, shelter hours or to make an appointment or any other questions regarding adoptions or volunteering, please call the shelter at 972-775-7628 or the administrative office number at 972-775-7614, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Please use the online Action Center Code Enforcement category to report non-emergency information regarding animal issues.

Lost/found pets info with photos of three dogs (collie, chihuahua, shepherd) red circle w/blue paw

Lost or Found Pets


Please complete the Lost/Found Pet Information Form to report a lost or found pet. Information on lost or found pets is posted to our City of Midlothian Animal Control Facebook page. If you need Animal Control to pick-up a found pet, please call (972) 775-7614.  

*Also post on Nextdoor, neighborhood Facebook pages or websites, put up signs in your area, contact veterinarian offices, and check with neighbors.