School & City Library Board


The Joint School & City Library Board establishes library policies and library hours for the 
A.H. Meadows Library.

A.H. Meadows is both the public and and high school library of the City of Midlothian.


The City appoints three of the nine members for three-year terms and holds one permanent member position. City residency is required for membership.  
Members  Appointment Entity  Initial Appointment  Current Term Expires 
 Chris Dick, President  City    Permanent
 Tammy Varner, Secretary  City  04/28/2015  January 2025
 Burley Barnett  City  01/09/2018  January 2024
Julie Vinson  City 12/14/2021  January 2023 
 Shelle Blaylock  MISD    
 Kalee McMullen  MISD    
 Tanesha Yusuf  MISD    
 Rhonda Byler  MISD    
 Judy Howard  At-Large by Board  10/13/2017  January 2025


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis. 


The City Council's policy is to limit membership to one board/commission at a time in order to provide an opportunity for service and involvement to as many citizens as possible. Training is available to all new appointees.

For more information, contact the City Secretary at (972) 775-3481 or download the Board/Commission Application