City Council


The City Council consists of the Mayor and six Councilmembers all at large and each serving three year terms. Each year one Councilmember is chosen to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.  

If you are considering running for office as a City Councilmember, please read the 2017 edition of A Guide to Becoming a City Official published by Texas Municipal League.  
City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 104 West Avenue E.

Current City Council Members

(Group Photo)

Place 1

Wayne Sibley
Employer: Retired
Place 5 May 2005-2009
Place 1 May 2011 - Current
Term Expires May 2020
(972) 723-2680
Wayne Sibley Place 2

Mike Rodgers

Self Employed:
A & M Fence Co.
Place 2 February 2012- Current
Term Expires May 2020
(972) 723-3249
 Mike Rodgers
Place 3

Jimmie L. McClure
Employer: Retired
Place 3 June 2013 - Current
Term Expires May 2019
(972) 723-0009
 Jimmie Lou McClure Place 4
Clark Wickliffe
Employer: Real Estate
Place 4 May 2019 - Current
Term Expires May 2022
Place 5
Justin Coffman
Harvest Hill Church 
Place 5 May 2018 - Current
Term Expires May 2021
(972) 775-7101
 Justin Coffman Place 6

Art Pierard
Employer:  Retail 
Place 6 June 2018 - Current
Term Expires May 2021  
(972) 775-7101

  Art Pierard

Photos by Chris Smith & Nolan Henley, Ivey Photography