Solicitor Permit Information

Restrictions and Requirements

The City of Midlothian Police Department’s goal is to ensure the safety and privacy of its residents and provide a reasonable limit to the hours of soliciting for door-to-door solicitor and mobile food vendors in residential neighborhoods.

All persons soliciting, distributing advertising material or handbills or operating mobile food units in neighborhoods are required to have a City of Midlothian Solicitor Permit.

Persons are not allowed to go door to door or operate a mobile food establishment without first being issued a solicitor’s permit through the City of Midlothian.

Solicitor Permits are NOT required for person distributing literature door to door for religious organizations, political speech or campaigning, charitable purposes with non-profit status, civic groups, local school fundraisers, Boy or Girl Scout fundraising or sales, or where there is a regular business, trade, service or other contractual relationship with the occupant of the residence.

Applying for Permits

Applications for solicitor permits may be made at the Community Service office located at the Midlothian Police Department at 1150 N Hwy 67, Suite 100. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The driveway entrance to the facility is located off of eastbound U.S. Highway 67 Service Road. Solicitor applications include a background check and a non-refundable application fee/ permit fee of $50.00 (exact cash or check- electronic payment not accepted at this time).  If approved, the permit is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.

The current solicitor ordinance was adopted by the Midlothian City Council on February 14, 2023.  ORDINANCE 2023-03

Door-to-Door Solicitor 

The door-to-door solicitor is required to wear the City of Midlothian issued picture ID at all times when going door to door.
Solicitor Permit Application

Mobile Food Vendors

Solicitor Permit Application for Mobile Food Vendors

A separate Mobile Food Establishment Application and permit AND Commissary Form are required for Mobile Food Truck, Concession Trailer or Pushcart Operations.

Mobile Food Vendor Requirements

Mobile Food Establishment Application

Commissary Form