Development Regulations

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

Below are the ordinances that help guide development in Midlothian. They contain the regulations and requirements necessary for orderly and quality growth inside the City.

Code of Ordinances
A direct link to all the City's ordinances hosted by Franklin Legal Publishing.
Eagle Ford Shale Standards
The City's adopted standards for construction on the west side of Midlothian dealing with expansive soils.
Ellis County Subdivision Regulations
If your property is located in the ETJ, you will also have to follow the County's regulations. When there is a conflict between 2 or more regulations, the strictest regulation will apply.
*Please contact Ellis County for a copy of their regulations*
Planned Development (PD) Ordinances
Contains all the regulations for all the planned developments found within the City. These are not available in the Zoning Ordinance as these are separate, stand-alone ordinances that govern a unique development.
Subdivision Rules & Regulations
Contains all the regulations regarding the platting or subdivision of property in the City limits and in the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction).
Zoning Map
The City's official Zoning Map, which contains the different zoning districts across the City.
Zoning Ordinance
Contains the minimum lot area, building height, setbacks, requirements on signage, landscaping, fencing, parking, etc.


If you have any questions regarding any of our regulations or wish to set up a meeting, please contact:

Planning Department