Comprehensive Plan

The City of Midlothian adopted a new comprehensive plan, EnVision Midlothian in May 2018. This document sets the foundation for guiding the long-term growth and development in Midlothian. All documents below are in PDF format.

Documents & Maps

Document Name Document Description 
EnVision Midlothian Comprehensive Plan
The documents and maps located below reflect the goals, objectives and polices advocated by citizens, community leaders, the Planning & Zoning Commission and our City Council (large download, please be patient).
Future Land Use This map designates the existing and future land use modules.
Future Thoroughfare Plan The layout of existing and future thoroughfares is shown on this map.
Downtown Plan This document, adopted in June 2020, is a basic guide for decision making relative to redevelopment and orderly growth within the City's Downtown area and was developed with citizen, community leaders, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council input.