Planning and Zoning


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Mary Elliott, Planning Director
Colby Collins, Assistant Planning Director
Brian Guenzel, Senior Planner
Manjul Shrestha, GIS Manager
​Leslie Regan, Planning & Zoning Coordinator
Dillon Bartley, Zoning Inspector
Twana Wilburn-Bryant, Admin. Asst. II
​​​​Cynthia Younts, Admin. Services Manager
Tara Jones, Administrative Assistant 
Angelina Bettanini, Administrative Assistant

Development Process Overview

For those considering new construction or remodeling, we have created a brief guide to the City of Midlothian's development process with some common questions answered.  Please contact us for more information.

Overview of the Development Process Brochure (PDF)

Planning and Zoning Commission Case Approval Process

2024 Planning & Zoning Commission Submittal Calendar

Click image to print calendar.

2024 submittal calendar for planning and zoning case approval process.

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Midlothian Comprehensive Plan Update is a year-long process to review the city’s long-range, decision-making guide for the future growth and development of the city.

A community steering committee is already at work evaluating land use, housing, transportation, and economic development.

How can the public get involved?

  • Visit the Comprehensive Plan Update website to learn more about the process.

To view Midlothian's current Comprehensive Plan, click the link below for Envision Midlothian Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Plan. 

Development Ordinances and Maps

The Planning Department uses these documents and maps to help guide the growth and development within the City.

Submittal Information

A pre-submittal meeting with the Development Review Committee (DRC) is strongly encouraged prior to the acceptance of any application.  Complete the online DRC Meeting Request Form to schedule a meeting.

Interactive Planning Cases Map

(Access full-page map.)

The planning cases map shows development projects within the City of Midlothian. With this program, you may follow the progress of planning cases at every stage of development.

Midlothian Facts and Figures

​For more detailed information on the information presented below, visit the Growth Profile section.  
. City of Midlothian Midlothian ISD
Area (square miles) 64.347 113.125
Estimated Population 40,587* 47,489**
Last updated 09/30/2023 2021
*   Source:  population projections compiled by the City using building permit data and NCTCOG algorithm.
** Source:  2021 US Census