Make Walking Fun

Helpful Tips

Exercising can be fun! Try out a few of the following tips to make your walk more fun.
      1. Walk near water - You will receive benefits from the exercise as well as soul soothing stress relief.
      2. Catch up on calls - Clip on your cell phone and headset and hit the trail.
      3. Take the dog along - Your pet needs exercise too!
      4. Try interval training - Add bursts of fast walking to increase endurance, cardiovascular fitness and burn more fat.
      5. Keep walking shoes and socks in the car - If you drive by a tempting park or trail stop and take a quick walk. Even 10 minutes will boost your mood and your health.
      6. Challenge yourself with stairs - Climb the stairs at a local stadium or office building.
      7. Walk to music - Bring along your MP3 player and pace yourself to the music.
      8. Take a destination walk - Plan a walk to your favorite restaurant or shop. Just remember that you have to walk back home!
      9. Find a buddy - Walking is more fun when you share it with a friend.
      10. Play a game - Keep walking until you see 3 red cars, pick out a faster walker on your path and try to pass them or take random turns through your neighborhood.
      Follow these tips and walk your way to better health while having fun!