Board and Commission Application

Required Qualifications

  • Be a resident of the city for at least six months prior to date of appointment (if residency is required and length is not specified);
  • Be a qualified voter at the time of the appointment;
  • Have no criminal record that is considered by the City Council to be so serious that it serves as a disqualification (i.e. felony conviction);
  • If appointed, meet or exceed the minimum attendance requirements for a Board or Commission as determined by the City Council.
Appointments are made once a year in December with terms beginning January 1st.


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Board and Commission Application

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  14. Recognizing that serving on a Board or Commission is often time consuming, most meet on a monthly basis, are you committed to attending all regulary scheduled meetings?*
  15. Please Note: All appointments are made at the discretion of the City Council. While there is no guarantee of an appointment, all applications will be considered equally. Applications will be kept on file for one year and then either updated or withdrawn by the applicant.
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