Water Conservation Tips

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City of Midlothian Water Conservation

Did you know that a major issue throughout Texas is conserving and protecting natural water resources? The City of Midlothian is developing land and lawn irrigation conservation measures for properties receiving water service from the City. By developing practical water usage practices now, citizens can help reduce the likelihood that the City will need to implement any provisions of its Drought Contingency Plan, as well as save money on their water bill.

Practical watering includes refraining from irrigating or watering any of your landscaping between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm during the period from June 1st through September 30th, except for hand watering or the use of drip/subsurface irrigation or soaker hoses. This allows for water to be used more efficiently, with less being lost during the heat of the day to evaporation.

Use this helpful tool to Calculate the amount of water used by your irrigation system.

Make Every Drop Count

During the hot Texas summer season, numerous cities in the Metroplex will implement voluntary and mandatory water conservation measures. By following practical water usage practices throughout the year, citizens can help reduce the likelihood that the City of Midlothian will need to implement any provisions of its Drought Contingency Plan.

Practical Tips

Follow these practical tips:

  • Install rain and freeze sensors on sprinkler systems to help ensure that the system is not operating during inclement weather.
  • Prevent evaporation of water!
    • Water lawns early in the morning or in late evening during the hotter summer months
    • Avoid watering between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm
    • Never water on windy days
    • Use drip irrigation systems for bedded plants, trees or shrubs and use low angle sprinklers for lawns.
  • Operate your in-ground sprinkler system manually - don't use the timer.Check sprinkler systems frequently for directional aim and broken heads to prevent watering driveways, sidewalks and streets.
  • Don't over-water your lawn.One inch per week will keep most common grasses healthy all summer.
  • Choose drought tolerant plants.
  • Use rain barrels to collect rain water and use it to water plants.
  • Use a broom or blower to clean sidewalks and driveways, not the water hose.
  • Don't mow your lawn too short.Keep your grass at three inches and never cut more than 1/3 of its length at one time.
  • Use mulch around plants and trees.
  • Don't over fertilize.If you apply fertilizer only in the spring and fall, your grass will be healthy, use less water and need mowing less frequently.
  • Use a hose nozzle that shuts off the water when not in use.
  • Check for leaks in taps, pipes and hoses.It's an easy way to save water.One slow drip can waste up to 20 gallons of water daily (over 7,000 gallons per year).
  • Turn off all water using devices in your home.Then check your meter - if it's registering, then there is a leak somewhere on your side of the meter.
  • It may not seem like much, but every time you practice one of these easy tips, you’re not only using water more efficiently and wisely, you’re helping Texas water supplies last for future generations.

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