Fire Safety Tips

  • Be careful in disposing of matches, cigarettes, etc.
  • Don't leave a stove or open fireplace burning unattended. Don't overload electrical circuits.
  • Planning: Know the escape routes from all rooms of your home.
  • Practice regular fire drills.
  • Designate a place for all family members to meet outside after evacuating the house.
  • Please check your smoke detectors as though your life depended on it. Check your smoke alarm batteries monthly to make sure they work.

If there is a fire

  • If you smell smoke, don't open the door. Check first to see if the door is warm to the touch. If smoke is coming in around the cracks, block them with towels or clothing.
  • Stay low to the ground.
  • If your clothing catches fire, don't run. Stop drop and roll.
  • Don't stop to save family photos or favorite possessions. No possession is worth risking your life.
  • Don't return to a burning building for anything - even pets. No material risk is worth your life!!