Water Distribution


The Water Distribution Division maintains and repairs over 100 miles of main lines and numerous water valves that provide the flow of potable water.

The Division maintains over 6,200 water meters and provides the citizens of Midlothian with the best service possible.

Customer Service

The division routinely responds to complaints of low pressure, volume and unexplained high water usage. Calibrated test equipment is used in the field to determine if the correct pressure and volume is being delivered to the meter.

Water Meter Reading

Meters are read once per month (1 cycle) by two meter readers. The city utilizes a "radio" read system to enter the usage amount.

Each meter has a history that is continually updated when the meters are read. If a reading entry is higher than the history average, an alarm sounds and the reader must read the meter again to ensure the correct amount is entered.

A customer service representative is dispatched to verify readings when the Utility Billing Division notes unusually high usage.