Information Technology


IT Department Responsibilities

  • Manages various interconnected local-area networks that form the City’s wide-area network, the backbone of the infrastructure that allows data sharing between all City facilities
  • Oversees a number of file, print, application, web, e-mail and domain controller servers used to direct information flow across the networks
  • Provides first and second level technical support for all software and hardware issues
  • Installs, maintains and repairs IT equipment, such as workstations, printers and servers
  • Manages the telephone and voicemail systems that includes a mixture of digital and analog platforms
  • Administers a revolving technology replacement program that ensures scheduled replacement of hardware such as desktop computers and servers before they become obsolete
  • Creates and maintains the City’s web presence
  • Acts in an advisory and project management capacity for departmental technology purchases used to streamline workflow and improve productivity
  • Analyzes emerging technology and determines how and when its application becomes relevant and cost effective to City business

Information Technology


The department manages 140 computers, 40 peripherals and 17 servers spread across ten discrete buildings:

  • City Hall
  • Fire Administration
  • Three Fire Stations
  • Police Department
  • Parks and Rec
  • Public Works
  • Midlothian Conference Center
  • Two Water Treatment Plants