Patrol Division

Midlothian Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the “Heartbeat” of the Midlothian Police Department. It is their responsibility to provide prompt, effective and courteous service and protection to the life and property of the citizens and visitors of Midlothian, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the application of a Community Oriented Policing concept, Midlothian patrol officers respond to calls for service, conduct preventive patrol within the neighborhood and business districts, seek out problem traffic areas, and enforce Texas state laws and local ordinances.

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Patrol is divided into 3 shifts... "A" Shift/"B" Shift/"Swing" Shift

  • 1 Division Commander
  •  5 Patrol Sergeants
  •  4 Patrol Corporals
  • 18 Patrol Officers
  • 4 Traffic Officers
  • 2 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers
  3 Shifts (A Shift, B Shift and Swing Shift)  A&B with a 1st Watch (Days) and a 2nd Watch (Nights)  
Sgt. Billy Halbert   (972) 775-7623  e-mail
Sgt. Clay Regan (972) 775-7650  e-mail 
Sgt. Michael Hunter (972) 775-7624 e-mail
Sgt. James Jordan (972) 775-7636 e-mail
Sgt. Stephanie Hanson (972 )775-7647 e-mail 
All the officers of the Midlothian Police Department are fully commissioned, licensed and certified Texas Peace Officers who stand by, ready to serve the law enforcement needs of the people of Midlothian.