Solid Waste (Trash)


The primary mission of the Solid Waste (Trash) Division is to ensure all Midlothian residents and commercial customers receive effective services. 

 As of August 1, 2016 the City contracted with Waste Connections, Inc. for solid waste pick-up service.  For any questions or concerns regarding your service, please contact Waste Connections, Inc. at (972) 937-8836 or by email at

Current Solid Waste Collection Ordinance (amended by Ordinance 2016-07)

 Trash Collection Service Area Map

 TCEQ tips for safe disposal of needles/syringes


Trash Removal - It's In The Bag!

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the best service possible:

  • Your trash must be at the curb by 7:00 am on designated pick-up days.  Trucks will run from 7am-6pm each pick-up day and your trash may be picked-up at anytime during this period.
  • All items with the exception of branches, tree trimmings, leaves and brush must be placed in a sealed plastic bag capable of containing garbage, trash or solid waste without leaking or emitting odors with a total weight not to exceed 35 pounds. Remember, "It's in the bag."
    • Christmas trees follow the brush disposal rules and should be put out to the curb on the second pick-up day of the week (i.e., if your pick-ups are Monday and Thursday, put it out on Thursday; if your pick-up days are Tuesday and Friday, put it out on Friday).
    • If the tree is taller than six feet, please cut the tree in half and bundle with twine.
  • Plastic bags may be placed in a container with a total weight not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • Yard waste, such as leaves and tree and grass trimmings, are limited to 2 cubic yards (approximately 4-5 bags) each trash pick-up day.  Branches must be 3 feet or less in length and not more than 6 inches in diameter. They must be bundled and tied, weigh less than 35 pounds, and not exceed 2 cubic yards per trash pick-up day. Limbs and branches do not need to be bagged as long as they are securely bundled and tied.
  • If able, please break down cardboard boxes and stack them at the curb.  They will take less space in the truck and are less likely to blow away.

Bulk Item Pick-up

Waste Connections, Inc. will pick up one bulk item per week on the second service day of the week.  Bulk items include but are not limited to bundled limbs, appliances (dishwashers, stoves, washers & dryers, hot water heaters, etc.), furniture (couches, chairs, mattresses, desks, etc. - provided they can be handled by two workers), fence panels (one panel per week), electronics (televisions, computer monitors, etc. - limited depending on the lead/phosphorus content - please call before placing at the curb), and appliances with Freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners - must have the Freon removed and tagged by certified contractor stating the Freon was properly captured).

Holiday Schedule

 Waste Connections, Inc. will pick up on your scheduled day unless your scheduled day falls on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Years Day. On those 3 days of the year your trash/recycle will be picked up on your next scheduled pick-up day. All other holidays, you will have trash/recycle pick up.  (Subject to change at the service providers request.