If you receive a citation for any of the reasons listed below and you meet the specified requirements, your case may be dismissed. Valid proof must be presented to the court either at the court window Monday- Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm or you can mail your proof along with any required dismissal fees. Faxes and emails are not accepted by the court for dismissal. 

No Liability Insurance

Bring in a copy (not on electronic device) of insurance coverage valid on date and time of citation. There is no fee charged for this dismissal. The court will not accept faxed insurance cards or policies.

Expired Driver's License or Failure to Display DL

Failure to Display Driver's License - offense may be dismissed if you present evidence of a DL valid at the time of the offense, to the court. No fee is charged for dismissal.

Expired Driver's License - cases may be dismissed if remedied within 10 days of citation and a $20 dismissal fee must be paid to the court. Valid proof must be provided to the court.

Fail to Change Address on Driver's License - provide proof of address change to the court on or before your appearance date stated on your citation. A $20 dismissal fee must be paid to the court. 

Expired Registration

The court may dismiss an expired registration charge if the defect is remedied within 10 days of the citation, all late registration fees were paid to the county, and a $20 dismissal fee is paid to the municipal court.

Driving Safety Course

You may be able to have a charge dismissed by taking a Driving Safety Course (DSC).