Driving Safety Course


You are eligible to take a Driving Safety Course (DSC) if:

  • You have NOT taken a DSC within the last 12 months to dispose of a citation. 
  • You DO NOT hold a CDL license currently or at the time of violation
  • You have liability insurance and a valid Texas driver’s license
  • You are NOT charged with speeding 25 miles or more over the posted limit
  • You are NOT charged with a violation in a construction zone
  • You are NOT charged with an offense of "failure to ID" at an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, fleeing, reckless driving, or passing a school bus.

If eligible for a Driving Safety Course, you MUST apply (make a request) on or before your response date stated on your citation.  DO NOT TAKE THE COURSE PRIOR TO APPROVAL FROM THE COURT. Generally, this is 20 business days from the date you were issued your citation.  You MUST make an appearance either in writing or in person.  You cannot do this over the telephone.

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  1. Appear at the court window Monday - Friday; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. prior to your appearance date on your citation.
  2. Bring a copy of your CURRENT liability Insurance
  3. Show proof of your Texas driver’s license
  4. Payment:

               Violations NOT occurring in a school zone - $144.00


                Violations occurring IN a school zone - $169.00

Fees are required in full at the time of request and must be cash, money order/cashier check (Payable to City of Midlothian) or Visa or Mastercard with proper ID.  No extensions, no partial payments, no exemptions. 


 The clerk will provide you with all forms necessary to complete the request.  You do NOT need to print forms from this website.  Instructions will be provided to you at the Municipal Court office. 

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  1. Provide the court with a copy of a valid Texas Driver’s License
  2. Provide the court with a copy of CURRENT liability insurance policy or card
  3. Provide written notice of intent to take Driver Safety Course (DSC). Click here to print off the form. 
  4. Enclose a money order/cashier check (No cash or personal checks) for required fees:

               Violations NOT occurring in a school zone - $144.00


                  Violations occurring IN a school zone - $169.00

Mail the above documents to:

        Midlothian Municipal Court

          1150 N. Hwy 67 Ste. 200

          Midlothian, Tx 76065

Keep copies for your records

Fees cannot be paid via internet

Late or incomplete requests will be rejected

     Once the court has received your request, instructions will be mailed to you at the location stated on your paperwork.  

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