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Use the content widget "editor" to insert text, lists, tables, slideshows, and photos.  This works just like the editor page in the old website.  The image widget is used below to insert a photo to the page.

Module Widgets

Used in the feature column


Custom HTML (use to embed text, graphics, videos, etc.) 

Training Classes

Use the Table Widget to add a table anywhere on the page.
9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16
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The Text widget is self explanatory.  It is used for text only.  This may be useful to add information regarding a photo or video or to create a separation on a page.
  1. Phase 1
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 3
  4. Phase 4
  5. Phase 5

Phase 1

Resolution Map Ordinance

Create a list of items with List Widget

Why go to Training
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