Pending 3-year Annexation

Three-Year Annexation Plan

Annexation Guide
(updated June 2017)
The information in this guide is intended to answer common questions of the annexation process and clear up misconceptions about annexation in general.

On December 9, 2014, the City Council approved a resolution adopting an Annexation Plan for the City of Midlothian and initiated a 3-year annexation process on one (1) relatively populated tract (Group A - Tract 1) comprising a total of ┬▒ 3,471 acres (┬▒ 5.42 square miles) in accordance with Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 43, Subchapter C and setting an effective date.

Group A - Tract 1 Map & Exhibit Map Non-Conforming Status Registration Form     Electronic Form Submittal
Resolution Staff Report
Inventory of Services Annexation Open House Meetings July 17 & 31, 2017
News Notice Service Plan (Resolution 2016-25)

Click here for the list of the 5-member Annexation Negotiating Committee as selected by the Ellis County Commissioners Court on November 10, 2015.

These will be residents that the City will officially negotiate a service plan.

Upon approval of this State-required annexation plan, the next required steps to complete the above annexations are as follows (approximate number of days from December 9, 2014):
Day 90 (approx. March 9, 2015) Written notice is given to property owners, etc. before this date
Day 90 (approx. March 9, 2015) Written notice sent to service providers to prepare inventory of services before this date
Day 180 (approx. June 7, 2015) Deadline for service providers to send in Inventory of Services
Day 330 (approx. November 4, 2015) City must conduct two (2) public hearings before this date (both will likely occur in October)
Day 360 (approx. December 4, 2015) Hold negotiations with property owners regarding services after 2nd public hearing but no later than this date .
Day 540 (approx. June 1, 2016) Final service plan should be prepared.
Day 1095 (approx. December 8, 2017) 3rd Anniversary - Adopt Annexation Ordinance. (this is the earliest date the City can officially take action to annex the area)
Day 1125 (approx. January 7, 2018) Annexation must be complete within 31 days of third anniversary.