Annexation is the process by which cities extend their municipal services, regulations, voting privileges, and taxing authority to the extra-territorial jurisdiction. 
Municipal Annexation Plan
Pending 3-year Annexation             Pending 90-day Annexation
Past Annexations:
2014 Annexations
2013 Annexations
2008 Annexations
Annexations are governed by Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code and can be done in one of three ways:
1) Voluntary annexation
2) Involuntary annexation
3) Developer agreements

Annexation Guide
(updated July 2016)
The information in this guide is intended to answer common questions of the annexation process and clear up misconceptions about annexation in general.
Annexation Timeline Map
(updated Sept. 2014)
This map provides the City's annexation history from 1980 to the present.